There is a bug in the current Philips Hue: Lights addon (version 1.4) for Stream Deck by Elgato which occurs occasionally after starting the Stream Deck.

When trying to connect your Stream Deck to the Philips Hue Bridge, it says ‘Unable to discover bridges’ after a few miliseconds. It seems like its not even trying to connect.


  1. get the IP address of your Philips Hue Bridge manually - I got mine from my router
  2. download the Stream Deck Philips Hue Plugin version 1.5 from the official repository on Github (*.streamDeckPlugin file ending)
  3. double click to install while Stream Deck is running to install it
  4. add new Bridge in Stream Deck
  5. notice there is a new button for adding a bridge manually, click that button.

  1. enter the IP Address of your Philips Hue Bridge

Your Stream Deck should by work now.


The “unable to discover bridges” error occurs because blocks requests. I’m not exactly sure why, either the plugin or the discovery service is poorly programmed. However, this makes it that the Plugin can not use auto-discovery.

The Plugin shop within Stream Deck just offers version 1.4. However, the new version 1.5 allows you to manually add the Bridge via IP address, so it does not use the auto-discovery.

I think in the future they will add this version to the shop so you no longer have to download it manually.

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