I recently showed a way to host static websites on Azure Blob for cheap. You can use absu to update the content of Your website. Everything is great… Right?

However, sometimes the static website does not update immediatly: You upload Your new files to the blob storage but when You access Your website, it still loads the old files. Updating the blob files work, but updating the static websites appears not to work. Even deleting and reuploading does not help. This is because both, Your browser AND Azure tends to cache things.


What to do if You update the static website and it doesn’t deliver the new content? It is possible to force a cache refresh!

Refresh Azure Cache

After uploading new content to Your website, You can purge the CDN cache in the web surface of the Azure portal. This can be accomplished in the resource page of the CDN endpoint by clicking on the “Purge” button.

Refresh Browser Cache

Most browsers can enforce a cache refresh with [CTRL] + [F5] OR [Shift] + [F5] on Windows and Linux. If You use Mac then try using [Command] + [R].

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