Some awesome tools that I use for my streams on Twitch. Feel free to check them out!

Open Broadcast Software

OBS is a screencasting and streaming tool. It’s probably the most important tool that You ever need for streaming on Twitch right now. It can merge multiple video sources like cameras, videos, screen recording or even a browser and arrange them.


Overlay and alerting tool with tons of features for stream monetizing. StreamElements integrates into OBS via a plugin…

  • overlays via browser source
  • donation analytic
  • alerts on…
    • subscriptions
    • follows
    • donations
    • bits
    • raids
  • chatbot (predefined answers)

There is even a marketplace to connect sponsors and Twitch streamers. Also, it gives you the possibility to open your own merch store. I haven’t tested it yet, tho.

Emote tools

Emote tools for handling third party emotes.

Emote Platforms

Third party emote providers 7TV, FFZ and BTTV.


7TV gives you 300 free channel emote slots for Twitch and YouTube, a clean website and an animated profile picture.

If you want special emotes for a season like Christmas or Easter, you can use Emote sets, which allow a quick swapping of all emotes.

The only downside is, that it’s pretty new and still not as widely accepted as BTTV or FrankerFaceZ.

In order to see the emotes you will need to download a browser extension, a mobile app or a chatting tool like Chatterino7.


FrankerFaceZ might be the underdog among the 3 emote providers. Still, you get 50 free emote slots and pretty much every Chatting extension can display FFZ emotes.

Where FrankerFaceZ really shines is the Chrome add-on, which provies many Twitch improvements on its own:

  • enhanced Twitch UI
  • audio compressor
  • latency compensation
  • moderation tools
  • word highlighting
  • plugin manager
  • view 7TV, BTTV and FFZ emotes


BTTV is the older brother of FrankerFaceZ. It will give you 50 free emote slots. It’s still the most widely used and accepted third party emote platform. If a Twitch tool supports third party emotes, it will definitely support BTTV emotes. But to be sure, BTTV also provides its own Chrome plugin.

Emote Checker

The Emote Checker is a tool that I wrote as my first JavaScript project. It can show if you have emotes in any of the three emote providers with overlapping names. This can help you free up some of those valuable emote slots!


Gempbot creates a channel points reward button in your chat that viewers can use to activate a 7TV or BTTV emote in your channel. Gempbot will never overwrite emotes that you have already manually activated. You tell Gempbot how many emote slots it can control. When all of its slots are used up, it swaps the oldest emote for the next redeemed one.


Chatbots are technical users in Your chat and help with moderating or just provide fun.

Yarp bot

Yarp bot is a chatbot that supposedly uses AI to find out what a viewer asked in chat and then react to it appropriately. It can detect things like: greetings, goodbyes, brbs, lurks or questions for

  • the game / subject
  • schedule
  • chat rules
  • socials / discord
  • drops

Sadly, it’s just available for English and there is no plan to support other chat languages yet.


Botbear is a chat bot with many fancy chat features like….

  • trivia quiz in chat
  • show latest emote changes
  • ping viewers on category changes (on demand)

and many more chat gimmicks.


Supibot probably the most versatile chatbot out there with a ton of commands including…

  • news
  • chat statistics
  • currency conversions
  • image generation
  • checkups (definitions, google, urban dict, Wikipedia etc.)
  • jokes

And many more gimmicks. The developer streams the whole development of this bot. You can watch him here.

With the alias command, you can combine several commands in a modular way to create your own commands.


Chatterino is a great chatting tool, especially for offline chatters. It even allows You to see chat messages from before you joined the chat, use filters and be in multiple platforms. With Chatterino7 You can see emotes from all 7 platforms.

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